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There were many religions and beliefs which were followed in Arabia prior to the birth of Prophet Muhammad Sal Lal Lahu 'Allehi Wa Sallam. There was Judaism, Christianity, Laa Saabaii (Star worshippers), Atheists and idol worshippers of all sorts. Only a few had belief in one ALLAH and the life in the Hereafter.

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Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) ki Shakhsyat (in Urdu) (NEW)

This is the 10th Edition (2013) of the book "Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) ki Shakhsyat" (in Urdu) written by Mr. Abdul Waheed Khan...

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Quranic Information (NEW)

IN THE NAME OF ALLAH MOST GRACIOUS, MOST MERCIFUL. 1. GUIDELINES Given below are some of the guidelines regarding handling and recitation of Holy Qur'aan. 1 It is a Book of ALLAH. Therefore it should be handled with care and respect due to it. 2 Before even touching the Holy Qur'aan, please ensure you are physically clean and you have performed Wazu. 3 For reasons of respect please always place Qur'aan over some high place even while reciting it. 4 While reciting it, preferably face Qibla and sit well and appropriately. 5 While reciting it concentrate towards ALLAH. ALLAH is All Hearing, All Seeing. 6 Holy Qur'aan should be recited daily preferably in the very early hours when angles are watching you. 7 Beginners should take help from some one who can pronounce Qur'aanic words correctly. 8 Torn pieces of Holy Qur'aan should be buried or sunk into sea or river. Never burn them.

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Quranic Information (in Urdu) (NEW)

Mr. Abdul Waheed Khan is a retired Group Captain from Pakistan Air Force (PAF) and has written books on various topic related to Islam. This is the 5th Edition (2013) of his book Qurannic Information in Urdu...

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Umrah & Hajj

(a) PRAYER FOR HAJ:- BIS MILLAA HIR RAHMAA NIR RAHEEMO Allaa hummaa innee uree dul hajj O Fa yassir hu lee wata qabbal hu minnee O Wa - a innee alai hi wa baarik lee feehi nawai tul hajj a wa ah ramtu bi hee mukhla san lil laa hi ta- aa laa. (b) PRAYER FOR'UMRA :- Allaa humma innee uree dul umrah O Fa yassir haa lee wa taqabbal haa minnee O Wa-a innee alai haa wa baarik lee fee haa nawai tul umrah O Wa ah ramtu bihaa mukhli sal lil laahi ta- aa-laa O.

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